Long Term Support

Many frameworks seem to disregard backwards compatibility for 3rd party plugins. With our unique backwards compatibility system we attempt to provide long term support for plugins. Meaning, a plugin that was released a few years ago must still work with the same code on the latest phpds version.

Easy Learning Curve

One of the biggest stepping stones when starting off with a new framework is learning how to use it. With PHPDevShell, once you have created your menu pointing to your script you can really just write pure PHP code. This allows you to slowly adapt PHPDS as you progress. TEST DRIVE

5 minutes tutorial

Ready to start learning? Take the first step into developing with PHPDevShell. Introducing you to the simple "Hello World". Be amazed at how fast you will have a running application. Impress all your noob co-workers and boss by showing them how efficient you are.


The first place to look is, the FAQ. For basic questions mailing list or forums.. For priority questions LP answers (preferably after starting a discussion on the mailing list or forums linked above). For bug reports, or dev discussion blueprints and the translations. IRC channel use #phpdevshell.


article_encoding.pngIf you are dealing with text in a computer, you need to know about encodings. Period. Yes, even if you are just sending emails. Even if you are just receiving emails. You don't need to understand every last detail, but you must at least know what this whole "encoding" thing is about. And the good news first: while the topic can get messy and confusing, the basic idea is really, really simple.

PHP is much better than you think


Rants about PHP are everywhere, and they even come from smart guys. When Jeff Atwood wrote yet another rant about PHP, it made me think about the good parts of PHP.

V3.2.0-Stable released and ready!


We are very proud of the immediate release of our latest stable version namely 3.2.0 codename Amun-ra, we continue to strife forward into the modern realm of web development. There are very important updated in this release, we are certain that you will love everyone of them. Please be sure to read the update notes in this post to get up your current application ready for this release.

PHP 5.4, faster, more scalable


Although many believe the wheel should be re-invented all the time, meaning for example, SQL is not good enought anymore, we need something better. I believe it is more a matter of reaching stability or en of goal, job done, find something new more adavance to replace it. Just look at SQL, how damn solid it really is. The same goes for many programming languages, it reaches complete adulthood, and some confuse this for a need to be replaced?

Advanced Views

article_Swimming_Pool_View_1.jpgSince PHPDevShell V3.1.4+ only;

PHPDevShell has a unique and simple way of splitting your MVC. However, we found that in some instances this is not enough to keep the view neat and clean. It was very possible that you ended up pushing javascript from within your controller. With a large and complicated project this will quickly become messy.

Widgets, Lightbox and Ajax


PHPDevShell offers and exceptional powerful way to make your website or application as fluent as possible with the use of powerful Ajax calls. It is made very simple and you will be able to do an ajax call, create a widget or lightbox popup within minutes.

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