PHP 5.4, faster, more scalable


Although many believe the wheel should be re-invented all the time, meaning for example, SQL is not good enought anymore, we need something better. I believe it is more a matter of reaching stability or en of goal, job done, find something new more adavance to replace it. Just look at SQL, how damn solid it really is. The same goes for many programming languages, it reaches complete adulthood, and some confuse this for a need to be replaced?

Many developers jumps around from one language to another to find a replacement for languages like PHP. I say not a good idea. The new programming language arena shows constant complications, whereas PHP reached maturity long ago. And remember, PHP is not standing still either, the developers of PHP is doing an amazing job keeping PHP a viable option for serious web development. I will stick with PHP and will only look at alternatives once it is absolutely obvious that PHP is standing still.

Have a look at some of the important changes in PHP 5.4, this was taken from blog refulz.

Also have a look at practical examples here.

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