Where would I typically use PHPDevShell?

PHPDevShell can be used to develop anything, from websites to company applications. PHPDevShell ships with most common used GUI functionality found in applications and websites. This pre-set development start allows you to immediately start with the development work at hand. For security and usability it already provides you with user registration and management, role management, group management, access rights security, important system settings, powerful theming system, control panels, cronjob management, menu management, plugin management, tagging management, crud, orm etc.

Why would I want to use PHPDevShell?

PHPDevShell provides the ability for you to get a php application/website up and running in an incredibly short amount of time. It’s lightweight, even with your additional application layer it go sluggish, PHPDevShell default memory usage is 100% less than that of Wordpress which is already very light. PHPDevShell is designed to follow you as the developer and adapt to your styling instead of you following it. There is no doubt that there are incredible frameworks out there, we respect all of them and acknowledge them. However, PHPDevShell is designed to perform where little time for planning, learning and design is available. PHPDevShell is designed for the small teams or lone wolf who needs to present real life progress within days.

Final Word

Simply install PHPDevShell as per instructions, write a script like you would normally using clean php, add it to the menu and you have a full blown system behind it handling everything for you. You will impress your clients having an available preview of the base within hours.

Unlike most other frameworks PHPDevShell does not generate any kind of code. No terminal commands have to be executed either. There are several reason why we opted out of code generation, mostly because a newcomer feels lost and things could get messy or complicated quickly. The cleanest way of coding is by doing things by hand.

PHPDevShell is an Open Source (GNU/LGPL) PHP Rapid Application Development framework, aimed at developing any web based application, where Speed, Security, Stability ,Modularity and Flexibility are essentials. It is designed keeping a very easy learning curve in mind. What makes PHPDevShell unique is the fact that if you know PHP, you can write your application inside PHPDevShell in minutes without learning a new “language” so to speak.

Wrapped in a complete HTML5 default theme, PHPDevShell provides;

* End-User system (Advance Registration, Login, Logs, Profile Management).

* Advanced Administration system.
* Cronjob system
* Templating system
* Unlimited level security system (Groups and Roles)
* Plugin System (To develop plugins for PHPDevShell)
* Logs System (Multiple Levels)
* Notice Objects
* Search Engine
* Help Engine
* Menu System
* Tagging System
* Class Registry System
* Easy Forms (CRUD)
* And many more…

PHPDevShell release versioning follows a numerical convention comprised of three numbers: Major, Minor and Maintenance. The version is presented in the major.minor[.maintenance] format.

Major Release Number (X.1.1)

An increment of the major number generally indicates a major rework or rewrite of the code base.

May be completely incompatible with prior major releases.

Minor Release Number (1.X.1)

An increment of the minor number usually indicates a significant change to functionality or architecture.

Moderate to high level of backward compatibility with previous minor increments.

Maintenance Release Number (1.1.X)

An increment of the maintenance number usually indicates bug fixing within the minor release and possibly small enhancements and limited new features.

Thank you for trying out PHPDevShell, please ask question and help write documentation. This is all that is asked in return for saving you months of work.

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