PHPDevShell features a number of great pre-developed components. Unlike most other frameworks where power was concentrated on the backend, PHPDevShell has concentrated on a balance providing the developer both a backend and a frontend ui.

Some pre-developed components include;

Backend providing basic development help with:

  • Good clean file structure.
  • Model View Controller.
  • Multiple site/domain configuration options.
  • Core Class : General php functionality.
  • Database Class : General database functions required.
  • Email Class : Providing emailing support with PHPMailer.
  • File Manager Class : Providing basic file management support and image manipulation.
  • Form Class : Very basic form functions.
  • Navigation Class : Handless all navigation for your application and PHPDevShell itself.
  • Security Class : Handless all security for your application and PHPDevShell itself.
  • Template Class : Manages flexible and light template system.
  • WYSIWYG Class : Manages wysiwyg editor needs with TinyMCE.
  • Iana Language Class : Manages multiple languages for your software and PHPDevShell itself.
  • Plugin Manager : Does all plugin based calculations and transactions for you.
  • Time Zone Class : Manages correct timezones for your application.
  • FirePHP Class : Support for FirePHP.
  • Smarty Template : To split code and template files.

Frontend UI stuff is where the fun begins;

  • Easy and flexible corporate looking default template.
  • Quickly create secure data forms with standard HTML inside PHPDevShell addapting all security measures and control levels from PHPDevShell.
  • Quickly include already written scripts or applications inside PHPDevShell adapting all security measures and access control levels from PHPDevShell.
  • Develop your scripts into installable plugin seamlessly.
  • Auto filter, page split and search system to filter data lists for users according to what the developer wants in their ui’s.
  • Auto control panel navigations system with a beautiful navigation system.
  • Login and logout manager with unlimited security levels.
  • Simple contact administrator form.
  • Users have ability to set their preferences, passwords, usernames, language etc through a ui.
  • Extremely powerful registration unit for administrators to allow user registrations, moving to custom groups and roles with options to send registrations invitations and token keys.
  • Registration confirmations with emails, direct approval, admin approval, tokens and invitations.
  • Powerful logging system logging every action and access, previewed through an easy ui.
  • Preview current system status.
  • System setting ui allowing hundreds of custom options to fit your applications needs.
  • Plugin manager allowing every aspect of plugins to be managed seamlessly.
  • Template manager, doing all common tasks on template management.
  • Powerful cronjob manager turning any menu item into a cronjob.
  • Hooks management, giving the ability to plugin any script to any hook location.
  • Menu manager with multiple menu types to flex to any type of menu that might be required including external scripts outside PHPDevShell.
  • Powerful menu access control allowing unlimited roles to access certain menu items.
  • Mature user control system having the unthinkable user management options with approval queues for newly pending users and multiple levels having their own user control per group.
  • Role administration to manage role control over access.
  • Group administration to manage group control over data.
  • Clean and easy to use token registration and registration invitation system.
  • Bundled mass mailing utility to email thousands of your users html emails at once.

This is but mentioning the most used ui functions, install PHPDevShell today to see what it is capable of for yourself. Installation takes a mere 2 minutes.

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